Varekai by Cirque du Soleil

Taking in a Cirque show is an experience you don’t want to let pass you by. 
Each show created by this fantastical production company holds a special place in the hearts of fans around the world. 

The “Varekai” show in Biloxi, Miss., is unlike any other, and it is filled with the whimsy and wonder of its Cirque origins under the guise of its director Dominic Champagne while maintaining a distinctly unique quality for a production of this size and caliber. 

“Varekai” translates to “Wherever” in the Romany gypsy language. Pronounced ver-ay-kie, it is homage to the passion inside that leads us on a quest to find our true purpose and happiness in life as adventure unfolds around us. 

The show takes flight from the start with a vibrant and broken-winged man that skydives into the steaming forest to cavort with mythical creatures in fanciful costumes worn by impressive gymnasts who perform brilliant dances that bring the story a colorful cohesiveness as it continues to draw you in. 

The tale unfolds in a forest, past the brambles and deep within the darkest, dreamy fronds and vines. The world of “Varekai” bubbles to life at the summit of a fiery volcano as a man pushes through the thick canopy and enters the magical world haunted by mystical creatures. 

Anything is possible in this brilliant, vivid world as the solitary man imparts on his discovery of a new and wondrous life. The audience is taken on a mystical journey and pays tribute to the nomad that lurks in all of us. 

With elements of the traditional circus wrapped around the mystifying and gravity defying feats of the talented Cirque performers, this opulent production pulls the audience in and plays to the senses of the eyes, mind and ears with incredible stunts, choreography, elaborate sets and extraordinary soundtrack.

The show has the stamp of classic Cirque but with a seamless storyline that rattles, stirs and amazes as it reveals its moving story. More than once you will find yourself asking how director Champagne created a world where so much movement happens in rapid succession seemingly without a hitch. 

The somersaulting finale will bring the story to a climactic close that will also bring you to the edge of your seat as the Cirque show finally releases you from its tantalizing and inspiring grip.

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